Stichting Cultuur+Ondernemen is hét kennisplatform voor ondernemerschap in de cultuursector.
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Free of charge

Orientation consult

Most questions that cultural entrepreneurs have are no standard issues. This is why we would like to engage in conversation with you to find a solution for your specific question, problem or wish. During a free orientation consult one of our advisors will analyse your situation and will present you the options.

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The orientation meetings take place in Amsterdam, but sometimes our advisers spend a day at a different location in the Netherlands. Look at the bottom of this page in which cities meetings are currently scheduled!

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? And what steps are needed for that? Your organization is doing well, but how do you progress even further? Do you need to further improve your strengths or focus on working on your weaker points? You may have graduated a few years ago and wonder: what now? All questions that you may encounter in practice.

We are happy to talk to you for a customized solution. So if you have a question, problem or wish, request a free orientation interview. Together with you we analyze what the best follow-up is for you or your organization.

The orientation interview takes place in Amsterdam, you register via the blue registration button on the right-hand side of this page.

Planning interviews in other cities

At this moment there are no orientation consults planned (with one of our partners) in an other city besides Amsterdam.

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